Mental Health Day Awareness Challenge

October 1st, 2021, Maya Rizk

Welcome to the World Mental Health Day Self-Kindness Challenge

World Mental Health Day is internationally celebrated on October 10 to raise global awareness of mental health issues and promote support for all people who struggle with their mental health.

Although positive discussions around mental health are increasing, mental health illnesses are on the rise and people are still struggling to get the support they need.

Emotional health plays a significant role in our mental health – when we enhance our emotional health, we are more likely to build higher resilience, nurture healthy and intimate relationships, achieve higher self-awareness and decrease the likelihood of developing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 

One highly effective way to boost emotional health and protect our mental health is by showing ourselves the kindness we deserve to get through the day.

Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to balance our work, social, romantic and family life that we tend to forget about nourishing our own needs.

When we treat ourselves with the kindness we offer to others, we are more likely to:

  • Increase motivation and productivity

  • Increase thinking and creativity

  • Increase positive mental health

  • Establish routine

  • Define wants and needs

  • Create intimate and healthy relationships

  • Cope with external stressors

  • Validate our own self and experiences

  • Recognise our skills and potential

  • Decrease likelihood of developing a mental health illness such as anxiety and depression

 With World Mental Health Day right around the corner, eQuoo is practicing 7 acts of self-kindness a day for 7 days to boost emotional health and wellbeing. 

And to sweeten the exercise, we will be giving 7 week of free access to our evidence-based Emotional Health Game, eQuoo, to everyone who completed the 7 challenges: all you need to do is fill out our form every day and we’ll send you the free access code on Mental Health Awareness Day!

 In anything we do, for the most part, the hardest part is getting started – so why not start your journey with us while we countdown the days leading up to Mental Health Day.

 Each day will look a little different from the next, we break it down for you like this:

Day 1: Monday Meditation Day

Ugh, it’s Monday – again. What can you do to fight the Monday blues?!


Meditation can be anything that calms your mind and body: yoga, stretching, listening to music or breathing awareness exercises.

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Day 2: Talk x Tuesday Day

Mondays can feel like the longest day of the week – catching up on emails and unfinished tasks from the week before.

So, recharge your batteries with others: grab a coffee with a friend, take a phone break with a loved one or go for a short walk with a neighbour.  

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Day 3: Wellness Wednesday Day

List 3 things you are grateful for today – because what better way to spend Wellness Wednesday than to remind yourself of all the things that are going WELL for you?!

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Day 4: Timeout Thursday Day

Is your body on overdrive?

It’s time to take a beat and try a new breathing exercise – you’ll be surprised by how much we forget to be in the moment, or to just stop and take a breath.

Avoid burning out before the end of the week – you’re almost there!

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Day 5: Friday Fun Day

Do something that makes you happy – anything you enjoy!

Whether your idea of fun is mini golf, dancing, or catching up on an old book alone – do something that brings you true joy.

Day 6: Saturday Say Something Nice Day

Remind yourself of one thing you love about yourself – and show yourself the kindness you deserve!

We can’t wait to hear all about your self-kindness acts, and we hope this challenge is only the start of your emotional health journey.

Day 7: Sunday Self-Care Day

As we come to an end of our challenge chapter, it’s time for some self-care.

Self-care doesn’t always look like hair or skin care routines – sometimes it is looking after your mental health by doing something you’ve been too busy to do all week. Check up on yourself – and if your idea of self-care is doing absolutely nothing after a busy week, do it today! 

Let the countdown begin, 

Maya Rizk

MSc Clinical Psychology

Content and Marketing at eQuoo