Empowering Women with Resilience

March 7th, 2021,

Why Resilience is so Important for Women

Did you know that women are up to twice as likely to suffer from a depression than men1 ? And when a woman has a negative experience without the social or phycological support to process what happened, they are more likely to suffer from mental health issues3 than men.

While one of the main contributors of mental ill-health is the rising issue of gender-based violence, 2 and 4  there are a myriad of other reasons why women are experiencing higher levels of depression, anxiety and stress than men in response to Covid-19.

Women are unfortunately more likely to suffer from COVID-related mental health issues than men

How to start building resilience

We all want to take the time to invest in our mental health, but we need access to the right support and appropriate tools to take care of our own wellbeing. Developing our emotional resilience can help us manage the pressure of today’s world. Resilience is not just about bouncing back quickly but is about your ability to adapt when you face challenging situations

I was fortunate to partner with Unilever’s CLEAR and the Resilience Research Center recently on a 14-Day Mental Wellbeing Resilience Programme to discuss important topics like processing negative thoughts, reinventing routines during lockdown measures, social distancing and how to be mindful. I interviewed two very inspirational woman who provided some practical advice on addressing some common challenges women are facing today. I would like to share those videos with you today as a tool to not only celebrate International Women’s Day but also raise awareness that women’s resilience is not a luxury – it’s a must-have!

1. Enhance your Personal Relationships with Dr. Duana Welsh, Love Factually Author – click on the picture to watch the short video

2. Getting Creative Together with Viktoria Rader, stylist and creative consultant – click on the picture to watch the short vide

By watching the videos and starting to actively build our psychological toolset, we may not be able to change what the world throws at us, but certainly how it affects us – by building resilience. The workbook that accompanies the program can be accessed here, it’s really worth a look and it’s based on current research. You will find even more resources here, and research shows that just knowing where to look for help is a huge step towards overcoming adversity.

Happy International Women’s Day, and happy resilience-building.

Silja Litvin

Psychologist and Founder of PsycApps

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